Who are we?

About us
BETER WONEN EUROPOORT V.O.F. (BWE) has been situated in the centre of Brielle since 1998 and is considered a specialist in the mediation of temporary rental of furnished accommodations. The founder of BWE, Willem van der Steen, started the company over 25 years ago in Pernis, a little neighbourhood in Rotterdam. At this moment Rotterdam had the biggest port of the world and served as the epic centre of container transport (Waalhaven) and shipbuilding. Additionally many activities were taking place in the petrochemical industry in the Botlek area.

BWE brings landlords and tenants into contact with each other and, in the process, strives to maintain an impartial and honest position. We like to mediate for you and thus relieve you of an important task. Through BWE supply and demand are connected in an efficient way. And so, since the start of the company thousands of people have been provided with temporary housing through the mediation of BWE.

Our offer
The accommodations offered for rent through BWE are usually fully equipped with all the supplies necessary for a pleasant stay; furniture, beds, linen, pots, pans, cutlery et cetera. Furthermore there are connections for gas, water and electricity. Also you will have a TV with working signal and most of the time there is an Internet connection. So you will be able to enjoy all the available facilities and usually only have to take care of your own towels.

Our working area
Room rental Spijkenisse, rent apartment Botlek or broker house Poortugaal? Our service is broad and our working area is extensive. The most important working area covers the region from the North Sea cost to the east side of Rotterdam. In this zone the industrial terrains Botlek, Europoort and Maasvlakte are situated, as well as the port of Rotterdam. From the border of the ‘eastside of Rotterdam’ the industrial terrain Moerdijk and other places with a high working activity are easily accessible. The most common housing requests are associated with the petrochemical industry and the port of Rotterdam authority.

However we do get housing requests from other fields of area. The location of these requests can be related to the above described working areas, the entire region or even other places in the Netherlands. Examples of requests for housing from other industries outside of the petrochemical industry and/or the Port of Rotterdam Authority are as follows:

• Construction (construction of property fit for housing or office space)
• Infrastructure (construction of roads, tunnels, bridges)
• Employees of embassies
• Agriculture and horticulture (seasonal employees)
• Expats; our offer is wide, ranging from expat house Schiedam to expat apartment Brielle or expat house Rozenburg

Over the course of time we have been mediating in furnished housing outside of our original working region, in the area of Vlissingen, Gorinchem, Breda, Amsterdam, Zaandam, Purmerend, Den Haag, Westland en Almelo. Thus our service and working area have become broad. For furnished living Rotterdam, room rental Maasvlakte, rent apartment Barendrecht, or broker house Hellevoetsluis, you can always count on BWE.

»Are you curious to know more about our offers? Continue browsing this website and find a suitable apartment or beautiful studio or house. Would you like to rent out your property or do you prefer to have direct contact? Contact us now, so that we can provide you with a customized service.


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